Give Where You Live

Karen, like so many neighbors in our community, had fallen on hard times after losing her job. She struggled to make ends meet, and even after gaining new employment was unable to remain in her long-time home.

Karen moved into temporary housing while she worked hard to pick up the pieces and strengthen her financial situation. Her dream of a better life changed drastically when a yearly mammogram turned into a breast cancer diagnoses. Karen felt paralyzed, but as she began her battle with breast cancer she was never alone.

Cancer Centers of Colorado’s skilled team of oncology-trained nurses, physicians, and surgeons supported Karen and made sure she understood her diagnosis and the treatment options available to her. Support from our community ensured Karen would have access to the best, state-of-the-art cancer treatments and equipment. Using breast brachytherapy, skilled surgeons placed catheters in Karen’s breast tissue to deliver radiation treatment directly to the cancer cells. This advanced and effective treatment allowed Karen’s breast cancer to be treated with great precision while protecting her healthy tissue.

While undergoing treatment patient navigators helped connect Karen with local support groups, allowing her to meet other survivors and be introduced to a community network of support.

Throughout every step of her journey, Lutheran Medical Center made sure Karen was treated body, mind, and spirit. The greatest miracle of all, a miracle that you helped make happen, was when Karen was able to finally move into permanent housing thanks to the support of care management staff and Foundation funding.

The weight of her stress lifted, Karen was able to focus fully on her health and recovery and is proud to now be cancer free. For the first time since losing her home and beginning her breast cancer battle, Karen shared a Thanksgiving feast in her new home with renewed hope for the future and a clean bill of health.

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